General Insurance

Pacific Place General Insurance

Our general insurance brokers provide you access to a variety of products and services through the many companies we are contracted with. These products include:

HOME INSURANCE                                 

For most people, their home is their single most valuable possession - and their biggest investment. Which is why we take the time up front to ensure you’ve got enough coverage to protect your house, and belongings.

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Did you know that as a renter, your landlord’s home insurance will not cover your belongings in the event of a fire, theft or damage?

You would also be responsible for any damage that you cause to any part of your building and for any accidental injuries incurred by someone while visiting the property.

For example:

  • If you left something in the oven which led to a fire, you would be responsible for damages caused to any part of the building or apartment complex that you reside in.
  • If a visitor to your home slipped and fell due to your negligence, you could be held financially responsible for their medical and other expenses.

For as little as $1 a day, tenant insurance can make sure that you are adequately covered.


ICBC Autoplan Car Insurance in BC

Auto insurance in BC is mandatory for everyone and there is much coverage available. Though every policy in BC must contain ICBC Autoplan basic car insurance, consumers also have the choice of using a private insurance company for comprehensive and other insurance add-ons.

At Pacific Place Insurance Services we offer ICBC insurance as well as private comprehensive coverage.

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ICBC Roadstar Package

RoadStar and Roadside Plus packages provide extra protection and peace of mind when you`re on the road.  Roadstar and Roadstar Plus combines some of our most popular optional products at a great price. They give you valuable coverage at home and while you're travelling.

For complete features and benefits from Roadstar and Roadstar Plus please click on the link:



Protect your boat with our marine and boat insurance. We recognize your boat is more than a pleasurecraft: it’s an expensive investment.

While some home insurance policies cover boats, those policies often limit marine-related risks. At Pacific Place Insurance Services, our comprehensive, customizable policy offers peace of mind.

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Business Insurance

Insurance is an important part of any business plan. Obtaining the right insurance is vital in order to survive and succeed in a world as full of opportunity as it is risk.

Pacific Place Insurance Services has the capacity and ability to insure nearly every area of your business such as your property, income, and vehicles. Even better, we go beyond industry standard coverages, making our insurance solutions even more valuable than those of our competitors.

Liability Insurance

Operating a business can be a tough but rewarding job. Which is why it’s important to ensure your hard work is protected from unexpected risks such as large liability issues that can arise in a number of ways over the course of doing business.

Our comprehensive liability insurance packages include options like:

  • Directors and Officers Liability
  • Abuse and Harassment Liability
  • Professional Errors and Omissions Liability
  • Protection from Injury or Damage Claims Liability
  • General Third-Party Liability

Construction Insurance

When planning your construction project, we can protect your company’s professional construction project.

We also offer a comprehensive insurance package that includes construction-specific features like:

  • Contractor’s Commercial General Liability – for compensatory damages due to bodily injury or property damages arising from your operations.
  • Wrap-up Liability Insurance – covers a single construction project for the entire life of the project.
  • Project Owner’s Commercial General Liability – for compensatory damages due to bodily injury or property damages arising from your operations.
  • Builder’s Risk Course of Construction – protects against loss or damage to building operations during the course of construction.
  • Comprehensive Home Builder’s Risk Coverage – provides insurance against loss or damage to Residential and Commercial Building Projects under construction

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Pacific Place Insurance Service brokers represent the following General Insurance Companies

Pacific Place Insurance Services Brokers partake in annual compliance training to better serve their clients and protect their client's information. We provide expert advices and awareness to inherent risks, ensuring that your property is protected in many situations.  Brokers also recieve ongoing product and market updates throughout the year.